JP Vending is full-service vending company serving Northern and Central New Jersey, Staten Island and New York's Rockland and Orange counties since 1999. JP's partners have a combined 50+ years experience in the highly competitive vending business. We are fully insured and bonded, and a member of the National Automated Merchandising Association (NAMA) and the Tri-State Automatic Merchandising Council (PA, NJ and DE).

JP Vending provides industry-leading vending service of cold drinks, snacks and coffee to many types of locations, including -

Schools & colleges
Shopping malls
Retail locations
Health clubs
Municipal facilities

Public pools
Recreation facilities
Apartment complexes
Car dealerships
Corporate offices
Manufacturing companies

Hotels & motels
Gas stations
Tennis clubs
Bus & rail facilities
Lunch & breakrooms

JP Vending has enjoyed an astounding annual growth rate from a few machines to being one of the top vending companies in northern & central New Jersey due primarily to three things:


Essentially, a vending machine is a vending machine, and Coke is Coke. The difference between vending companies boils down to SERVICE, which boils down to keeping machines fully stocked and operational... AT ALL TIMES!

When a vending company gets lackadaisical or 'too big' to be responsive to EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER'S MACHINE, then service will suffer. Product outages, machines that need repeated service calls instead of just being replaced, machines always running out of change, drivers missing deliveries, etc. are clues that you should think about making a change.

Whatever your experience with vending companies has been in the past, be prepared to experience a whole new level of service.

Our goal is for your vending machines to be...

1) always fully stocked for your customers - NO "SELECTION EMPTY"
2) always have adequate coinage change in them - NO "CANNOT MAKE CHANGE"
3) in top working condition - NO "MACHINE OUT OF ORDER"

To achieve these three goals, we promise to service your machine(s) no matter what schedule it demands - whether it's serviced and stocked once, twice, three times a week or even every day if needed! A number of our larger installations do require daily servicing, and we are happy to provide it.

The Top National Brands - selected by YOU!
Unlike other companies, we will not force you to accept product mixes and quantities dictated by us; you are in the driver's seat, and can pick and choose from hundreds of top national brands for your machines, in the mix you want. Of course, we can guide you to make informed decisions in this area, but the bottom line is what you want, you get.

Our service is 100% FREE to you!
It will not cost you one cent to have a vending machine(s) at your location. JP Vending will install, maintain and stock it on ongoing basis. Other than notifying us of a malfunction or to request a change in product selection, you will not have to do anything, ever! Our bonded experienced technicians and service personnel will visit your location on the scheduled day and time and service, stock and collect money from your machine.

The highest quality, state-the-art vending machines, painstakingly maintained
Did you know that running out of just nickels can shut down your machine? You can run out of any other coinage, but if it's nickels, it's all over. That's why all our machines utilize the more costly FOUR TUBE coin stacks, not three like most others. The extra stack allows for more nickels and is extra insurance your machine will stay operational 24-7-365.

Every single JP installation is customized to the client's needs, from type and size to optimum number of machines and product selections.

Uptime Guarantee
Virtually every machine may malfunction at one time or another, and unlike our competition, if it does, we pledge to get it up and running within 3 hours of your call, GUARANTEED; not a few days later or the following week.

No mandatory contracts
Also unlike many other companies, we will not require you to sign any contracts. Our service is always at NO OBLIGATION TO YOU, and if in the unlikely event you wish to have the machine(s) removed, we will do so at no penalty to you.

Signup now!
For a free no-obligation proposal for your location(s), simply email us or call Mike Fierro at 973-540-0668.

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