Looking for a New Jersey vending company? JP Vending s a FULL SERVICE vending company. We can outfit your facility with any mix of product offerings, including cold beverages, coffee, snacks and fresh food.

Here a few FAQS you may find interesting:

How do I sign up?
Click here or call 973-540-0668.

What does a JP Vending program cost?
It costs you absolutely nothing, ever! We buy the vending machines, and maintain and re-stock them as often as needed. We have many machines in very busy locations that we re-stock DAILY!

Is my location big enough for a vending machine?
A general rule of thumb is to have 50 or more employees (or the equivalent foot traffic) who would use the machine on regular basis.

Who sets the product pricing?
JP Vending establishes the pricing at the 'going market price' for your area. However, we do offer several options:

1) you can choose to offer the products at "regular" retail, ie, not subsidized by you in any way.

2) you can choose to partially subsidize the vending on behalf of your employees, charging them a reduced price. We will simply invoice you monthly for the dollar amount you subsidized that month, based on actual sales.

3) you can choose to fully subsidize the vending on behalf of your employees, essentially offering them the products for free. We will simply invoice you monthly for the dollar amount you subsidized that month, based on actual sales.

NOTE: Subsidizing can be a high-profile, yet low cost way to enhance 'employee benefits' or add perks. And when you fully subsidize your vending service, there is no money required to dispense product; simply push a button, get a soda. Imagine your HAPPY EMPLOYEES!

How quickly can I get a machine(s) installed?
FAST! Generally within 2 to 3 working days.

What about licenses and sales tax?
JP Vending assumes all costs for any required licenses, fees and taxes related to vending services.

How are service requests handled?
Our service label with phone number appears on all our vending machines. Simply call us, and a uniformed representative we will respond to your location within three hours.

Will I ever be charged for any repairs to my machine?
Never! The machines at your place of business are solely our responsibility. Our vending equipment is maintained in top operating condition at all times, through our strict preventive maintenance program. Every machine is inspected, adjusted and lubricated, and components prone to wear are replaced on a regularly scheduled basis.

What about sanitation?
Dirty equipment can be a major source of customer dissatisfaction. In addition to restocking, JP Vending personnel follow specific procedures to keep our machines spotlessly clean and safe. JP managers regularly visit installations to monitor and make sure our equipment is spotless and functioning as it was designed.

What if my machine is vandalized?
We assume full responsibility for any risks associated with vandalism. JP Vending and it's employees are fully insured and bonded.

What type of vending machine will I get?
We offer vending machines in a multitude of sizes and configurations, customized to your location. All our machines are reliable top-of-the-line-models, not refurbished base models. Most are fully electronic, state-of-the-art models.

What if someone loses money in the machine?
We reimburse any money lost in our vending machines through malfunction, no questions asked. As part of JP's service, we will keep you supplied with an appropriate amount of coin for you to make any needed reimbursements to users of the machine(s). You will never have to depend on office petty cash funds for reimbursements.

Product Freshness
JP Vending guarantees product freshness through our First-In, First-out system of stock rotation.