Long gone are the days when a vending machine that could make change for a quarter was considered high-tech.

Today's vending machines come in a multitude of configurations and capacities. Every installation is customized to your location's needs, from capacity and product selection to mix of machines.

JP Vending uses the only the highest quality machines from the top manufacturers for their proven reliability, aesthetics, safety, ease of maintenance and economic energy usage.

Guaranteed Product Delivery Systems

Our machines are equipped with Guaranteed Product Delivery systems, a technology that assures 100% product delivery. These smart machines use infrared technology to identify any unsuccessful vend cycles (which are extremely rare these days, anyway), so the buyer either receives their product or gets their money back on the spot.

Large bills? We have it covered!

There’s not many things more annoying than wanting a snack or beverage, but the machine can’t make change for your large bill. But thanks to our bill recycling mechanisms, customers with $5’s, $10’s or $20’s can purchase what they want from your facility’s vending machines with their change returned in $1’s and $5’s.

An additional benefit is that bill recycling mechanisms allow even the most heavily used machines to continue vending products between visits by your route driver.

Our machines also utilize the more costly FOUR TUBE coin stacks, not three like most others. The extra stack allows for more nickels and is extra insurance your machine will stay operational 24-7-365. (Did you know that running out of just nickels can shut down your machine? You can run out of any other coinage, but if it's nickels, it's all over.)

Swipe-n-Vend, for the ultimate in convenience!

Our vending machines can even be outfitted with card readers, allowing customers to purchase items using Credit or Debit cards, in addition to coins and currency.

Wireless technologies

What isn't wireless these days? With many of our machines, our service people can check stock levels on the machines or diagnose/troubleshoot problems without even entering your facility.

A JP Vending account executive can make a no-obligation visit to your location and make recommendations on the optimum vending setup for your company, whether it's a multi-machine setup or a single coffee machine. For the best in NJ vending, simply call us 973-540-0668 or email sales@jp-vending.com.

And remember, our services are always 100% FREE to you!